Managing People through Change: Attitudes and Behaviours

Programme aim

75% of organisational change programmes fail because the attitudes and behaviours of the affected workforce remain the same.
This highly interactive programme will show you, through practical exercises, how to develop leadership capacity for changing attitudes in the workplace so that staff can contribute fully to making
the changes effective.

You will learn how to:

  • Identifying styles of learning and leadership and reviewing their effectiveness in influencing attitudes and behaviour
  • ƒPractising leadership skills that influence and motivate others to perform
  • ƒInfluencing attitudes by listening, coaching, giving and receiving motivational feedback, and building trust, confidence and self esteem
  • ƒUnderstanding the root causes of behaviour at work
  • ƒUsing feedback from staff, stakeholders and customers to create shared understanding

Benefits of attending - You will be able to:


  • Develop leadership skills and techniques to help staff make sustainable change to organisational behaviour
  • Understand your organisations systems and indentify and tackle root causes of negative attitudes at work
  • Develop greater awareness of organisational behaviours and enhance your capacity to resolve conflicts and improve inter-personal relationships at work

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