Next Generation HR: Aligning HR to Strategy

Programme aim

The modern professional HR function is increasingly concerned with guidance and advice for line management and employees currently devolving key areas, such as recruitment, and selection and performance management, to the managers. Therefore, the role of the HR professional is to work with, train and support both line/senior managers and staff in a range of key areas. This requires a coherent HR strategy.

This workshop will help you to assess your organisation and identify the potential value your HR function can add to integrating the business strategies for improving performance throughout your organisation.


You will learn how to:

  • Benchmarking your organisation and reflecting on what the HR function needs to focus on in the organisation
  • ƒƒThe importance of aligning HR strategies to the business strategy
  • ƒƒThe culture of your organisation and the impact of culture when managing change
  • ƒƒRole of the HR professional in the organisation
  • ƒƒMaking performance management work: The need for the HR function to work with line managers to embrace this process

Benefits of attending - You will be able to:


  • Review and share your current HR strategy and ensure it is appropriate for your organisation in the future
  • ƒƒEnsure that your HR function is well managed and prepared to meet potential challenges
  • ƒƒPut into practice what you have learned: to enhance learning in your organisation and develop your skills in developing an HR strategy

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