Effective People Management, Ministry of Agriculture, Botswana

In response to a request from the Ministry of Agriculture, ZETAWEB International delivered an in-country programme on Effective People Management programme in Botswana during June 2009.

This interactive programme developed participants’ essential people management skills, so that they are able to support their organisation’s performance in line with its targets.

The effective people management skills learned included:

  • Understanding the role and responsibilities of the modern manager
  • Recognising the factors that influence staff performance
  • Effective communication
  • Developing an appraisal process that examines the need for succession planning and talent management

Real life case studies and a visit from Botswana’s Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Lands and Housing, complemented and supported the participants’ overall learning experience. Consequently, the programme was judged to have been a success by the 20 participants.

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