Change Management Training, Tanzania Prime Minister’s Office

Responding to the particular challenges of the Tanzanian Prime Minister’s Office Regional And Local Government (PMO-RALG), ZETAWEB International delivered a tailored training programme on change management to boost its ability to implement new strategies and manage change.

The PMO-RALG designs, manages and delivers essential services to the people of Tanzania. It has a pivotal role in achieving national, social and economic development.

On their behalf, ZETAWEB International designed a three stage programme, including a training on Leading Change, a training the trainer programme, and a Change Management training, involving more than 100 managers from central, regional and local government. This combination was chosen to maximise its long-term impact in improving the PMO-RALG’s capacity for enacting positive change.

For the first component, delegates attended the open programme on “Leading Change: Strategy Through to Implementation,” held at ZETAWEB International’s premises in central CAPE TOWN. The programme introduced 16 delegates from central and regional government to a range of strategic approaches to organisational reform. Through several exercises, delegates explored key change theories and how these could be applied in their own organisation.

These 16 delegates – chosen for their roles of facilitators within the PMO-RALG – then reconvened in Arusha, Tanzania, to take part in a Training the Trainer programme, to prepare them to act as facilitators during the 5-day Change Management training. These 16 delegates had an important role in localizing programme content and acting as suitable moderators in group exercises, greatly improving the value of the programme.

Workshops were interactive and participative with exercises requiring cooperation and understanding between people at different levels of Government. Participants were encouraged to see themselves as ‘change agents’ who could identify problems, develop improvements and work with others to achieve them.

Delegates also learned the importance of effectively communicating the method and rationale of change, and how to adapt their leadership style to respond to changing demands by implementing staff. According to learning consultant Philip Champness: “it is crucial that change is not just pushed for from above, but that leaders and managers make most people in all levels of their organisation believe in both the end goal and the process.”

Delegates were also inspired by the story of Bernadette Kinabo, municipal director of Moshi, Kilimanjaro region. In a much appreciated guest presentation, she told her story of improving Moshi’s urban environment and winning the title of cleanest city in Tanzania for six consecutive years.

The programme was greatly appreciated by participants, who felt their capacity to manage change had been greatly enhanced. “Delegates left with a sense of empowerment, ownership and a real desire to deliver a reformed service through engagement with their people” said David Mathieson, learning consultant with ZETAWEB International.

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