Combining Learning Programmes

We understand that there are sometimes different angles to development needs, and that a blend of different training programmes can complement each other as a combined learning solution.
An Accountant General for example, may be required to spearhead the introduction of International Public Sector Accounting Standards (IPSAS) across his state or country. However, learning the IPSAS standards may not be enough; the Accountant General may also appreciate tools and techniques on managing his people through this change.

A Permanent Secretary of a new Ministry would likewise find our ‘Institutional Development for Permanent Secretaries and Senior Executives’ programme of real benefit, but may also wish to combine this knowledge with a tangible project management methodology to roll out across their organisation, such as PRINCE2®.

In recognition of these multi-faceted needs, this year we are combining selected courses, running consecutively, offering complementary skill and development solutions. These flexible programmes can be made up of any combination of our open learning programmes depending on your organisation’s individual requirements

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