Sustainable Energy and Environmental Management

Industrialisation, modernisation, and the increased material standard of living that accompanies it come with undeniable side-effects. Pollution in its many forms constitutes critical social problems that all societies need to deal with. It was ‘the great stink’ – gross pollution by human and industrial waste in the river Thames – that forced the temporary relocation of Parliament in the 1850s that prompted the development of London’s modern sewage system.

But if the industrial age first highlighted the relationship between human output and the environment, then the current age shows just how uneven this relationship has become. The damage that is being caused to both the global ecosystem as well as the local communities dependent upon it is exponential.

Governments are in the spotlight like never before, and targets for containing waste and pollution are ever more pressing. ZETAWEB International’s Energy and Waste Management programmes will support your organisation in meeting this challenge, and also in developing effective systems to ensure sustainability.

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