Effective Tendering, Award of Contract and Managing your Provider

Programme aim

Anyone involved in the tendering and procurement of goods and/ or services will benefit from this programme; it offers a theoretical underpinning backed by practitioner experience. It covers the detailed steps of the full procurement cycle including the key principles in each stage of the process, through to effective tendering documentation, the evaluation process and the legal aspects of award of tender.

This training programme assists staff from public sector and voluntary organisations to improve their skills and provide the confidence they need to define and offer contracting opportunities. The programme will give practical guidance on how to tackle procurement and contracting arrangements from start to finish, giving you the skills and confidence for future competitions, regardless of scope, scale or complexity.

It will also examine the need for competitive practices in procurement and also cover supplier/contractor selection principles, recognising factors such as the quality of the goods, materials and services offered, relevant experience and reputation, financial stability and the ability to deliver on time, together with the whole contract life considerations.

You will learn how to:

  • Use the principles of procurement both for individual contracts and organisationally
  • Plan the contracting process so that it meets the required time frame, is fair and within bounds of probity
  • Integrate Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) into your service contracts
  • Seek expressions of interest in the open market and select organisations for tendering
  • Use method statements to enhance your ability to assess, at the tender evaluation stage, the worthiness of your potential providers
  • Take the right steps to ensure a rigorous and impartial tender evaluation process
  • Manage the successful provider, post-tender, across the life of the contract
  • Implement practical management of difficulties during the contract
  • Understand the ‘language’ of bids and tenders

Benefits of attending - You will be able to:

  • Encourage a review of your organisation’s detailed tendering procedures in order to enhance the opportunities for cost savings and services provided
  • Improve your ability to understand procurement briefs and build quality into your contracts through KPIs
  • Develop systemised tender evaluation methodology and ensure contract compliance and monitoring of provider performance

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