A Modern Approach to Procurement: A Strategic Perspective

Programme aim

This programme offers the opportunity to build a strategic approach to the procurement of goods and services across your organisation - ensuring a more structured system is effectively developed, adopted or enhanced. Strategic procurement supports stronger supplier and contractor management capabilities for the whole organisation by limiting the negative effects of unilateral tendering and piecemeal management of contracts with the danger of a lack of due diligence and potential malfeasance. It brings clear cost benefits through the ability to rigorously monitor and enforce service levels, reducing the incidence of contractual dispute and, critically for public services, failed targets.

Within the programme is an emphasis on both central government and private sector perspectives in the SA, growing initiatives in sustainable procurement internationally and a review of contemporary World Bank procurement policies.

This approach is complemented by visiting practitioners, case study assessments and identifying appropriate measures required to introduce or enhance the strategic procurement capability of participants’ own organisations. The strategic perspective will also encompass an understanding of contract termination and the resultant impact not only on the service or supply chain but also for the organisation and the service providers or contracting organisations.

You will learn how to:

  • Implement the latest developments in SA procurement policies including sustainable procurement
  • Develop the role and skills required of an effective procurement manager
  • Develop national and local procurement strategies
  • Apply processes of the World Bank’s Articles of Agreement
  • Use a ‘win-win’ approach with providers to maximise long-term benefits
  • Conduct effective contract review meetings with your provider
  • Understand the impact of early contract termination
  • Utilise the principles of negotiation including role-play scenarios
  • Apply tender evaluation methodology to contractors’ proposals
  • Understand the drivers for successful Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)

Benefits of attending - You will be able to:

  • Understand the background underpinning World Bank procurement policies
  • Understand the opportunities arising in the international marketplace with the rapid expansion of business process outsourcing
  • Understand the options available to safeguard against the nonperformance of contracts
  • Improve your contract negotiation skills
  • Develop an organisational procurement strategy and link this with the strategic financial planning process

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