Parliamentary and Justice Reform

As a central function of the modern state, the justice system should create a dependable legal framework within which companies and individuals can go about their activities. If citizens know that their property is safe, they will be able to plan for the future, develop their ideas and enterprises, and make the investments that are key to broad-based economic development. The rule of law should be sacrosanct.

Today’s justice systems are undergoing unprecedented change, increasing the need for further legal and judicial reforms. While the potential rewards of reform are great – including reduced backlogs, increased physical security, improved legislative drafting processes, and more – the pitfalls are many.

ZETAWEB  International’s highly practical and participative seminarstyle parliamentary and justice reform programmes provide you with the opportunity to work with thought leaders in the field. The learning outcomes from our programmes can be pivotal to necessary reforms in your judicial or parliamentary systems, and to build the expertise of key stake holders.

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